Microsoft’s Xim Makes Photo Sharing Easier

What’s the easiest way to share photos with your friends? If Microsoft has anything to say about it it’s via Xim, an app conjured up in its research labs. Xim, available through Android, iOS, or Windows, allows users to add up to 50 photos from a device, OneDrive, Dropbox, Facebook, or Instagram and share the …


Mobile Share of Ecommerce Sales to Grow Rapidly in Coming Years

Mobile commerce revenue will account for 50 percent of U.S. digital commerce revenue by 2017, Gartner announced Tuesday at its annual Symposium/ITxpo. In 2013 US ecommerce sales totaled roughly $260 billion, smartphones and tablets accounting for just 15% of those sales. But US ecommerce sales are expected to grow to a robust $434.2 billion by 2017, …


Instagram Celebrates 4 Years with Global Meetup

Monday marks four years since Instagram went live. In the interim the photo-sharing app amassed 200 million users and was acquired by Facebook for a cool billion. The Blog spoke with Pau Sabria, Olapic’s CEO, and an early adopter of Instagram, to get his thoughts on the photo-sharing app’s influence on the way we communicate. “I think Instagram …


DigitalRev’s “8 Things Street Photographers Encounter” Brings Levity to “High-Stakes” Pursuit (Video)

When it’s as easy as retrieving your smartphone to capture that perfect picture, we’re all potential street photographers. But the digital age has turned street photography into a more serious pursuit for some than for others. Think Humans of New York or even the Instagrammers using the platform as a veritable canvas for their particular form of …


Hootsuite CEO: We Plan to Introduce Mobile Payments and Ecommerce Functionality

Hootsuite plans to introduce mobile payments and ecommerce functionality in the near future, signaling a major expansion of the social media management system’s capabilities, CEO Ryan Holmes told The Guardian Tuesday. On the heels of a 60 million funding injection last week, Holmes said Hootsuite is ready to enhance its services. “If you look at our products right now, we …


Finding your way out of the visual content canyon

This article was first published on the blog Convince & Convert by Olapic’s Director of Marketing, Ian Greenleigh. Remember when Big Data was a problem? Though its origins are somewhat murky, the phrase “Big Data” gained mainstream popularity as shorthand for a set of problems unique to extracting value from massive, complex data sets. Once an ecosystem …


Instagram gets real with pop-up photo exhibit

Instagram has fast become the social platform of choice for artists to share their work–think Richard Prince or Takashi Murakami–but at Photoville, a wildly popular photography exhibition in Brooklyn, Instagram itself is an exhibitor. The first of the two exhibits, Everyday Projects, is a collection of photos from eight shared Instagram accounts. It is a …


Quantifying our will to create

Editor’s Note: This article is included in our new e-book, The Rise of the Visual Creators. To download click here. While the will to create is nothing new, the size and velocity of the visual creative explosion is. This year, 123 photos will be taken per person on Earth. In 2000, that ratio was 14:1. …