Quantifying our will to create

Editor’s Note: This article is included in our new e-book, The Rise of the Visual Creators. To download click here. While the will to create is nothing new, the size and velocity of the visual creative explosion is. This year, 123 photos will be taken per person on Earth. In 2000, that ratio was 14:1. …


Interview with a creator: Lexi Cross

Editor’s Note: This interview is included in our new e-book, The Rise of the Visual Creators. To download click here. Lexi Cross arrived in New York City in 2011, an ambitious newcomer to a city that absorbs such people by the thousands every day. Inspired by those who, like her, were trying to make their way …


10 questions for a founder: Olapic

Olapic co-founder and CEO Pau Sabria took some time recently to chat with one of our favorite news magazines, Kaptur. We’ve posted part of the interview below. For the full interview go here: How was Olapic created and what issues are you trying to solve?  The idea for Olapic came long before Instagram existed: in a …


Twitter eases into ecommerce

Twitter announced Monday that it will be wading–dipping its toes really–into the ecommerce pool, offering a “buy” button on its mobile site that can be embedded in tweets. At first, users will be limited to purchasing smaller products such as t-shirts and event tickets. The move shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Social media …


The deep human roots of the visual creative explosion

Since our early human ancestors depicted their lives on cave walls, before the first words were written, we communicated through pictures. In fact, text alphabets began as pictures and morphed into modern letters over thousands of years. As such, when we consider the visual creative explosion, we’re talking about something for which there was always …


Pinterest adds visual content to Google Chrome

Pinterest has developed a creative solution to the timeworn Google-and-searchbox greeting you get every time a new tab is opened in Google Chrome: its own content. The self-described visual discovery tool announced Friday that it has developed the Pinterest Tab, a Google Chrome extension that will greet you “with a new and inspiring full-color Pin” …


Olapic brand strategist: “The cost of creating enough owned content is untenable for most businesses in the travel industry” (Interview)

Fresh off being named to PhoCusWright’s Class of 35, which recognizes the travel industry’s top 35 young leaders under the age of 35, Kristen Hall, Director of Brand Strategy for Olapic’s travel vertical, took some time to sit down and chat with the blog to help us better understand how visual media, specifically user-generated content …


The Instagram equivalent of Twitter’s TweetDeck is now a reality

The Verge says it’s “the web app for people obsessed with Instagram,” but Picdeck could just as accurately be described as the web app for people bemused by Instagram’s cluttered timeline. For either group, the Instagram equivalent of TweetDeck, a third-party app that sorts Twitter’s timeline into columns, is surely welcome news, though any celebration may …


The demise of research online, purchase offline (ROPO)?

When it comes to shopping online for durable and entertainment-related goods such as clothes, event tickets, books and toys, or reservations for tours and hotels, people who browse online are just as likely to buy online, according to a new study by Nielsen. For these categories, then, it can be said that the ranks of …