What Burning Man Teaches Us About Marketing, Humanity

Burning Man generates some of the coolest visual content, year after year. The breathtaking art-meets-architecture installations, eclectic crowds of 70,000+, and flame-fuelled displays are captivating. Marketers should be envious of Burning Man’s ‘media library’ because the visuals are authentic, beautiful, and plentiful. The photos almost take themselves. How do they

Want to Kill it on Instagram? Post Product Pics

This summer, vodka brand Stolichnaya found the right mix of visual content on Instagram. As the brand’s director of marketing, Sarah Gorvitz, told Digiday, Stoli used to assume that its Instagram fans wanted to see the same blend of lifestyle and product shots that it runs on Facebook and Twitter.

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Needs User Generated Content

Trust in corporations across all verticals is at an all time low. To be successful today companies need to be about more than profits. Companies that put corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the heart of their business strategies, by participating in initiatives that benefit society, do better. Liz Maw of

Why Instagram Ads Will be Massive

The long anticipated rollout of Instagram Ads API is upon us and here at Olapic, we could not be more excited. We have long realized the power of this platform and have proven how influential consumer-generated images can be when used in marketing and advertising efforts. As a participant among

UGC Marketing: Opportunities and Risks

User-generated content (UGC) is one of the most compelling trends in marketing — a key for brands to convey the authenticity that Millennials crave and a competitive advantage for marketers to increase sales, cultivate brand advocates, and build brand equity. UGC presents exciting opportunities for marketers; however, it also raises

Facebook Is The Next Marketing Cloud

My co-founders and I met in the south of France to attend Cannes Lions a few weeks ago. We were invited by Unilever Foundry 50, and given our recent funding announcement, we felt a little bit of sun wouldn’t hurt us. It’s been a couple weeks since our promenade along

Making Personalization Beautiful

We were about to miss the plane. We’d just run through the airport terminal to make it to our gate, but because we’d just given a talk together at IRCE — and hadn’t had lunch — Shawna and I were starving and needed a quick bite before boarding. She looked

The Death of Stock Photos

When Twentieth Century Fox partnered with Getty Images earlier this year to promote the Vince Vaughn comedy Unfinished Business they created a silly set of stock photographs whose campy hilarity underscores everything that’s wrong with stock photos—that they’re disingenuous, stilted, and evoke no noticeable emotional response. This campaign has, unknowingly,

New Funding For Olapic

The big news at Olapic today is that we’ve raised $15 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Felix Capital, with participation from Unilever Ventures, Fung Capital, Longworth Venture Partners, and Michael Lazerow. How We Got Here, And What’s Next Four years ago and with a team

Omnichannel Retailing & Social Media Photos: A Match Made In Conversion Heaven

Omnichannel. What does that even mean? If you’ve been to any of the big e-commerce trade shows recently, you’ve heard this buzzword being used more times than you can count. The perception of omnichannel still varies. Some marketers I’ve talked to perceive it to mean having the same look &