The demise of research online, purchase offline (ROPO)?

When it comes to shopping online for durable and entertainment-related goods such as clothes, event tickets, books and toys, or reservations for tours and hotels, people who browse online are just as likely to buy online, according to a new study by Nielsen. For these categories, then, it can be said that the ranks of …


These “outlaw” Instagrammers live to trespass beautifully

A new creative subculture is staking its claim to NYC’s landscape and Instagram is providing the inspiration. These “outlaw Instagrammers ” vary in age, but all have the same objective: to document the Big Apple’s idiosyncratic landscape on Instagram. New York Magazine recently profiled one of their legion, Humza Deas, and in the process revealed …


A major breakthrough in visual memory research

McGill University in Montreal announced this week that three researchers at the school have made a breakthrough in the study of the origins of visual memory. The research answers the question “of how and where exactly in the brain the visual information coming from our eyes is first transformed into short-term memories,” the school said …


Secure ecommerce turns 20 (Plus: 95% of Brits now shop online)

Monday marked two decades since Philadelphian Phil Brandenburger made what is generally considered to be the first secure purchase on the Internet, when he snatched up the Sting CD “Ten Summoner’s Tales” through the now-obscure online retailer Net Market. Commercial transactions had been conducted online before this, but according to an article in the New …


Selfies and the spectrum of human expression

“Human motivations change little, but opportunity can change a lot.” -Clay Shirky, Cognitive Surplus After I read Cognitive Surplus, I kept returning to this quote again and again. While writing my book, a friend of mine introduced me to Clay Shirky. He and I talked about how that quote applies to the selfie phenomenon. Here’s …