Olapic TapShop

Turn your static Instagram feed into a shoppable gallery and transform impressions to checkouts!

Make Instagram Shoppable in a Snap.

Monetize Instagram

Answer your audience when they ask, “Where can I buy this?” with a link in your profile that leads to a shoppable gallery with links to your product pages.

Predictive Posting

Use Olapic’s proprietary Photorank algorithm or your own click-through-rate data to help predict which images will perform best.

Limitless Content

Choose from your own in-house creative or feature content created by your customers. With Olapic’s TapShop, there‚Äôs always a pool of fresh content.

Go Live in Seconds

No developers? No problem. Olapic’s TapShop requires no technical resources. Launch your landing page and create a new sales stream in no time.

Designed for Everyone

Optimized for all devices, Olapic’s TapShop is fully responsive and adapts to any screen size, so visitors can browse and shop anytime, anywhere.

Traffic and Revenue From Instagram

Olapic’s TapShop provides a crucial link between Instagram and your e-commerce site that enables you to drive traffic and revenue from your audience on Instagram.

With a simple set-up process that allows you to create a shoppable gallery of photos from any images in your media library, you can start selling on Instagram today.

Start selling on Instagram today. Let's Chat.

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