Company Type:

Email Marketing

Summary of Company:

Listrak is a fast-growing and innovative eCommerce/Digital Marketing Software (SaaS) company. A customer-centric data approach helps clients develop strategies and personalized interactions to reach, engage and convert, regardless of the source, channel or device. Currently serving around 1,000 clients and major brands, the company’s roster includes Crayola, Oscar de la Renta, Lush and Le Creuset, to name a few.

Founded in 1996 by CEO Ross Kramer and his father Howard, Listrak began by building eCommerce websites for retailers. Three years later, it added email marketing solutions, and made the fortuitous decision to drop the website services. Company growth has been steady over the past two decades, but has really taken off in recent years, with staff more than doubling in size between 2013 and 2017. Once known for its proprietary email marketing technology for retailers, the company has expanded into new verticals, including eCommerce for the travel and tourism, and the media and publishing industries.

Partnership Overview:

With a direct integration with Olapic, Listrak can automatically populate personalized user-generated content and lifestyle imagery into marketing and automated email. Because Listrak curates images by product, content is dynamically updated when used with Listrak’s Product Recommendations solution. Using The Olapic and Listrak partnership closes the gap in cross-channel engagement.



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