Movable Ink

Company Type:

Email Marketing

Summary of Company:

Movable Ink’s Intelligent Content Platform enables marketers to activate data and generate the perfect email content for anyone, at any moment. Movable Ink pioneered contextual experiences in email and has powered over 325 billion content impressions worldwide. More than 450 innovative brands use Movable Ink to create inspiring email experiences that delight customers and boost ROI. Founded in 2010, the company is headquartered in New York City with offices in London and San Francisco. To see intelligent content in action, visit

Partnership Overview:

Olapic and Movable Ink have both independently driven significant lift in engagement and conversions for their clients, and our partnership allows them to extend the power and reach of consumer-generated photos by easily integrating them into their email campaigns. Movable Ink’s Olapic app connects with the Olapic API to seamlessly integrate curated photos, ensuring that our joint strategies let us support each other and grow together to consistently see incredible client outcomes. Together, we serve up content for top brands such as Four Seasons, Redken, and Banana Republic.



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