Company Type:

Social Advertising

Summary of Company:

Founded in 2009, StitcherAds is a Facebook Marketing Partner helping advertisers and agencies scale full-funnel performance marketing campaigns on Facebook & Instagram. Since conception, StitcherAds has empowered some of Facebook’s largest advertisers for eCommerce, retail, travel, and real estate businesses worldwide, using data-fueled automation to increase the revenue impact of their ad spend. The company works on a hybrid service model, onboarding clients from fully managed service to self-serve to ensure long-term success with their software. As the first partner to launch dynamic ads and dynamic ads for travel on Facebook, StitcherAds has been a leader in both speed and achievement in direct response innovation.

Partnership Overview:

StitcherAds and Olapic work together to automate the process of scaling and testing your creative across your full funnel advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Olapic provides StitcherAds with product-tagged images for use across a brand’s dynamic product ads, enabling diversified content to use for testing and optimization.



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