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Case Study: Vega Nutrition

Vega is the premium brand that creates products that promote a world of premium, clean, plant based nutrition. Vega has been an Olapic client since 2014.

The Challenge

While Vega enjoyed a strong social following, the brand wanted to collect and display user-generated content in order to inspire current and future customers. Their goal was to showcase real people living a healthy lifestyle and ultimately living their best life. Vega sought to further grow its social audience, maximize the impact of its current brand ambassadors as well as identify new ones, and increase engagement and conversions on their site.

The Solution

Using Olapic, Vega launched the #BestLifeProject, an initiative that invited customers to showcase how they were living their best life and celebrate an everyday festival of inspiration. Olapic’s platform allowed Vega to collect, curate, obtain rights, and display authentic photos across their website and marketing channels. Vega also utilized Olapic’s Ambassadors feature, a component of the platform that enables brands to build loyal relationships with consumers who complement a brand’s aesthetics and are most likely to drive engagement.


higher engagement on the #BestLifeProject 82% landing page compared to site average


higher visits to the flagship product page than the brand’s previous record breaking month.


Posts to #BestLifeProject increase, creating 8,200 new images in comparison to the same initiative Vega launched the previous year.

Our experience with Olapic has been fantastic. Our account team provided valuable insights when we were onboarding, they are always quick to respond, and we have been extremely pleased with the results thus far. We’re excited to continue working with Olapic and to leverage the power of UGC throughout our digital properties.

Melanie Roy

Digital Marketing Manager, Vega

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