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How Earned Content Is Transforming the Travel Industry

The power of visual user-generated content (UGC), or earned content, as an indispensable marketing tool is growing by the day—and the travel industry, which now generates a whopping 10% of the world’s GDP, has arguably more to gain from the visual earned content revolution than perhaps any other industry.

Evolving social trends are favoring a major travel-selfie revolution. Already, 72% of consumers post photos on a social network while on vacation, and 76% post them after they return according to Hello World—this within a context where Instagram’s 400 million active users post 80 million photos per day, and 350 million photos are uploaded daily to Facebook.

By harnessing user-generated photos—the most authentic, compelling, and affordable brand assets available today—on their own websites, hotels and other travel brands can dynamically showcase the overwhelmingly positive experiential and emotional elements that define the travel experience, and keep visitors there to book—a growing imperative in a hyper-competitive operating landscape.

“Travel brands who bank on visual storytelling will get more bang for their buck than those who do not.” – Frederic Gonzalo, travel expert, speaker, consultant.

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