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By serving the same set of product images, the peak of your retargeting campaign is within the first few sessions.

Overexposure of the same image quickly results in decreased campaign performance.

Banner blindness sets in and triggers a drastic drop in CTR after months of running the same set of ads.

Improve Your Images. Improve Your Lift.
Protect Your Brand.

Why Olapic Ad Retargeting?

Solve ad-retargeting fatigue with fresh, original, and visual consumer-generated content that outperforms your existing ads.


Collect consumer generated content (UGC) from social sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Curate & Predict

Approve, moderate, and obtain rights to use on-brand, UGC. Our proprietery Photorank algorithm will then predict what content will perform the best.


Integrate your product SKUs into the Olapic platform to link the SKUs to their corresponding content.

Use with Any Retargeting Platform

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly traffic your linked content directly from Olapic to any of your existing ad retargeting platforms.

Platform Agnostic

We work with every ad retargeting platform and require no change in previously defined rules.


Extend Consumer Content Across Channels


Publish your consumer-generated retargeting ads in social, email, display, and more.


Leverage your retargeting platform’s existing ad-unit formats to create engaging and performance-driven ads.

Measure Your Success


Analyze the detailed overview of your ad performance, including A/B test comparisons to stock imagery, in your ads retargeting platform.


Using our predictive and programmatic content algorithms, we optimize all ad creative to optimize engagement.

Experience may vary based on your existing ad retargeting vendor.

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