Case Study: United Airlines


United Airlines wanted to build awareness and preference for a new route connecting New York to Iceland.

As part of a larger social activation to achieve this goal, United adopted the Instagram Stories carousel unit, facilitating deeper immersion with a sequential story told across three static images or videos. This beta ad unit was brought to United by two of the company’s long-standing digital-marketing partners, SocialCode and Olapic.


Olapic and SocialCode aligned on strategy to ensure creative and media were working together optimally to drive results for the client.

Olapic, through its Content in Motion video solution, armed United with three new vertical video templates, branded to their look and feel and designed to emphasize Stories’ native features like the progression bar and tap back/forward. The modifiable templates allowed United to combine static imagery with video clips of Iceland to make the assets more dynamic and engaging, as well as easily edit variables for creative iteration.

SocialCode owned the media strategy, driving qualified scale by building audiences primed for a luxury New York>Iceland flight experience and rigorously optimizing campaign spend between them. The entire campaign from kick-off through wrap was executed in a matter of days.



The full 3-card Stories Ad



SocialCode was able to drive and report impressive performance by bringing Olapic’s mobile-first creative to a targeted audience. For example, the two partners showed United that investing in Instagram Stories carousel achieves an impressive combination of awareness (as measured through video-view metrics) and consideration (as measured through website traffic metrics).

The United Airlines campaign was also a winner of an Instagrammy Award! Winners were selected based on creative quality and overall performance of the ad vs. the advertiser’s traditional benchmarks.