Content in Motion

Consumers are exposed to more content, in more places, than ever before making it increasingly difficult to  capture their attention. Olapic solved for this challenge by developing a new technology that turns static images, branded or consumer-generated,  into dynamic animations that capture  users’ attention by delivering thumb-stopping moments.

 With Content in Motion, brands can create animated content that:

Demands attention

Through expanded content options, brands can create ultra-targeted messaging, address new audience segments, and highlight new products, campaigns, or seasonal trends.

Improves efficiency

Content in Motion’s speed and scalability enables the cost reductions in the creation of motion graphic content, allowing brands to address new products or trends with shorter turnaround times. With this level of efficiency, brands can continue personalised conversations with consumers using fresh and engaging assets, while also eliminating creative fatigue.

Boosts performance

These dynamic  assets support brands’ multichannel distribution of creative content across paid and unpaid channels such as owned websites, emails, in-store activations, social media platforms, and more — allowing a brand to reach and engage a wider audience.

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