Bring Instagram Stories Ads To Life
with Content in Motion

The global rollout of Instagram Stories Ads – immersive, full-screen ads that appear between stories – further underscores the marketer need for bold and unique vertical video assets that engage and inspire consumers.

An Instagram Marketing Partner, Olapic supports the launch of stories ads with its innovative video format solution, Content in Motion. Content in Motion is a short-form, animated content asset that fills the gap between still images and video and already fits the Instagram Stories vertical format standards. Even better, it allows brands to use user-generated images or professionally produced images to quickly and efficiently create a high volume of vertical motion content that performs without the burden of costly photo or video shoots.

From lookbooks to limited-time promotions to educational how-tos, and more, Content in Motion is an ideal creative solution for stories ads because of its proven scalability and ability to deliver unique video experiences that bring a brand’s story to life.

There’s more! Olapic and Instagram will be looking for stories ads success stories to feature for a number of large-scale go-to-market press and event opportunities in the coming months. Your brand could be a big part of that story!

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