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Making E-commerce more human with AI and UGC

From McDonalds’ virtual reality Happy Goggles to Sony’s tiny in-ear personal assistant, 2016 is set to be a year where your futuristic fantasies may become a reality. But how can online retailers keep up with this fast-paced tech world reducing consumers’ attention spans? By embracing and deploying new technologies in the right way for their audiences.

But while consumers are being drawn into hi-tech, marketers mustn’t forget to remain human with their marketing strategies as it’s crucial for consumers to be able to relate to ads. Ultimately, being human is crucial to converting consumers into buyers. As illustrated in Nielsen’s recent report, personal recommendations remain the most trusted form of advertising, as 81% of UK respondents say.

Styled by artificial intelligence

When it comes to fashion, many consumers still like the ‘in-person’ experience – from trying items on, seeing what they look like, and ensuring they’re comfortable – and online must be able to match up. The in-store experience is also favourable for some due to the suggestions and help of sales assistants. With the arrival of AI, retail brands can harness…

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