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Olapic Enhances Content in Motion, Helping Brands Streamline and Optimize the Distribution of Short-Form Video

December 11, 2018 – Olapic today introduced a number of new features to the Content in Motion™ platform, improving how enterprise organizations create, share and distribute short-form videos to drive customer engagement, conversions and brand awareness. The Content in Motion platform helps brands easily transform existing imagery and videos into high-impact, engaging and timely short-form videos that are optimized for social channels, removing the barriers of time, cost and creative exhaustion often associated with video creation.

With the new updates, Olapic continues on its path of building an enterprise-friendly platform that helps both creative and marketing teams make more efficient use of their visual assets. Customers have the ability to easily test and tweak variables to optimize content for any audience, and engage consumers in the place where they spend a ton of time – social, without compromising brand fidelity or consistency.

New features are designed to help make the process of creating, sharing and distributing on-brand video more scalable and include:

  • User Admin Management: Marketers can now assign user levels to improve workflow friction related to accessing, editing and distributing video assets across an enterprise organization. Admins may enable members of their extended team to download existing video content and deploy it across social channels, create new videos through the platform, and create template requests and videos.
  • Video Variations: Teams can now create up to five variations of their short-form videos, with a single click, to test various creative elements including colors, images, text and calls-to-action (CTAs). Brands not only dramatically reduce the time needed to develop different versions of videos, but can more quickly test and iterate their videos with target customers and markets to determine their best-performing video content.
  • Color Variations: Customers can optimize campaigns by iterating various CTAs and testing a variety of creative options by changing colors, fonts and backgrounds – without compromising brand guidelines and brand fidelity.
  • Branded Elements: Enables teams to create custom templates based on brand guidelines for consistently branded video content.
  • Inspiration Gallery: Explore a wide variety of engaging examples of Instagram stories and In-Feed video examples to spark inspiration for templates. Customers can easily discover and use inspiring designs by selecting a video and creating a pre-populated template.

“Scaling the creation, sharing and distribution of video across an enterprise organization is a challenge and we’ve made this process more fluid, intuitive and timely with Content in Motion,” said Pau Sabria, executive director and co-founder of Olapic. “Creating short-form video for social is an iterative process that requires testing, learning and acting fast without compromising brand consistency. Olapic helps brands define their short-form video strategy, design inspiring branded templates that drive engagement and conversion, and removes the challenges and costs often associated with trying to create video at scale.”

To learn more about the Content in Motion platform, or to see how brands can use it to scale their short-form video production, visit

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