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Olapic Joins New Instagram Partner Program

Today, Olapic, (, the leading visual marketing platform, announced it was recognized as one of the initial members of Instagram Partner Program, a new program that distinguishes companies and their capabilities to run effective advertising campaigns, manage communities, and source and deliver content on Instagram.

Companies in the Instagram Partner Program have expertise in at least one of three specialties — ad tech, community management and content marketing — to help marketers meet their business objectives. Olapic has been badged in Content Marketing for its ability to effectively collect, curate and manage rights for the use of consumer-generated photos and videos, or earned content, to further increase the performance of advertising campaigns on Instagram.

“The native nature of earned content is ideal for use in Instagram ads – brands can serve consumers visuals that are consistent with the platform experience so there is no abrupt jump to traditional advertising creative,” said Pau Sabria, co-founder and CEO of Olapic. “Our early customer tests show that earned content is outperforming ads using brand-created photos.”

Olapic offers marketers a more effective and efficient solution for finding enough visual content to keep up with the creative demands of programmatic campaigns. Using earned content provides the authenticity needed to create stronger connections to consumers while giving marketers the ability to move at a faster pace and lower cost.

Recently, Olapic announced it joined the Facebook Marketing Partner program to allow brands to use earned content in Facebook advertising and marketing efforts. Both Instagram and Facebook ads can be launched directly from the Olapic dashboard to streamline the campaign generation process. For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit:

With a community of 400 million, Instagram is the place on mobile where marketers go to tell creative, visual stories to drive business results. The Instagram Partner Program will spur innovation to meet the diverse needs of marketers across the globe.

Go here to learn more about the Instagram Partner Program.

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