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Olapic Launches “Content in Motion” New Digital Video Format for Social Ads

New offering for short-form motion content gives marketers fast, affordable digital video at scale

NEW YORK June 21, 2016 – Olapic today announced the launch of its new video format solution — Content in Motion — to provide brand marketers with a fast and scalable way to create animated, dynamic content for digital channels such as Facebook and Instagram ads. As the leading earned content engine for curating, activating, and analyzing consumer-generated pictures and videos across marketing channels and e-commerce experiences, Olapic continues to drive category innovation being the first to market with a much-needed solution for developing quick dynamic motion content.

“Content in Motion has enabled us to create timely and on-brand content at scale. Using a mix of pre-existing brand assets and user-generated content, we’ve been able to easily introduce Content in Motion into our marketing mix,” said Phoebe Eldrid, senior social media and content executive, “We’ve tested the creative in both engagement and direct response (DR) campaigns and have seen positive initial results, yielding a low CPA. As a result, we included the animations in our Father’s Day campaign and will be trialing the content against more traditional DR activity.”

Olapic’s new Content in Motion solution turns static consumer-generated photos and brand images into dynamic, animated content, at scale. The company’s SaaS-based technology platform enables marketers to collect images across social channels and via direct upload, curate using machine learning and human intelligence, manage rights, and activate across digital channels. Now, with Olapic, brands can easily generate compelling motion content that follows brand guidelines, engages consumers, and drives better results – without the need for expensive production teams and elaborate video shoots.

“New formats require new languages. Content in Motion is a new format that talks the new language of digital environments, not an abbreviation of longer form traditional commercials that lose impact when edited down,” said Pau Suris, advertising filmmaker for Content in Motion, Olapic. “We have created a unique video solution in the market that will significantly impact how marketing teams can repurpose UGC and other brand assets while creating a visually exciting experience that is tailor-made for digital channels.”

Studies show video content can have greater impact and higher performance with 90% of consumers saying that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process. With mobile video views on the rise — up 844% since 201265 percent of U.S. marketers plan to increase their mobile ad budgets to account for video, according to eMarketer. Despite the evolving behavior around video content, several factors — cost, time and complexity of creating video content at scale — remain challenges and are often prohibitive for CMOs.  

“Our mission at Olapic is to turn every marketing channel and e-commerce site into a more effective and engaging experience for consumers. Today, video assets are a luxury for big brands and our goal is to make video a reality for all brand marketers,” said Pau Sabria, CEO and co-founder, Olapic. “We are making the creation of video assets fast and affordable so marketers can make all digital channels more lively and engaging, benefitting from the impact of motion content.”



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