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Staying connected: fostering brand communities amid the COVID-19 crisis | On-Demand Webinar

Coronavirus is spreading across the globe and more and more regions are being impacted by shutdowns and quarantine measures. As millions are now on lockdown and physically isolated, social media has become more important than ever as means of information, connection and entertainment. Online communities are much needed to foster a sense of belonging and mitigate the effects of loneliness and physical distancing.

During this time of coronavirus, everything needs to be revisited and most businesses are scrambling to manage the crisis. With people isolated and looking for added meaning, sensitive brand messaging is critical. How are brands managing their online communications? How can brands provide deeper meaning and help to maximize social participation, communities and supportive relationships in a state of physical distancing?


  • Mike Griffin (SVP, General Manager)
  • Megan Kresinske (Director, Marketing)

Watch the recording of our ‘Staying connected: fostering brand communities amid the COVID-19 crisis’ webinar here or download the slides: