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Certona’s AI-based omnichannel personalization solutions power real-time individualized customer experiences for over 600 top e-commerce websites in more than 70 countries. Certona’s platform delivered 50 billion personalized experiences per month and generated $4.6 billion in client revenue in 2016. The company’s Personalized Experience Management- platform, powered by the Certona Predictive Cloud-, increases engagement and conversions by leveraging one-to-one behavioral profiling, Big Data insights, and real-time predictive analytics to present individualized content, promotional offers and product recommendations across all customer touchpoints.

Partnership Overview:

Certona’s patented AI-based omnichannel personalization fueled by behavioral profiling and real-time data collection powers deep customer insights with context. By layering in historical cross-session knowledge and real-time activity for each visitor, Certona helps marketers predict intent in the moment and optimize the user’s experience to drive optimal outcomes across all channels. Olapic’s predictive machine learning algorithm , Photorank-, analyzes photos for visual and contextual factors, ranking them by their expected conversion power. Additionally, Olapic’s metadata feature enables marketers to associate attributes and conceptual information to specific media. This allows marketers to not only surface photos aligned to products, but also based on specific metadata. An integration of Certona and Olapic allows marketers to curate personalized customer shopping experiences with authentic, relevant imagery that drives conversions, revenue and engagement.



Success Story: Farfetch

White Paper: Understanding Personalization Capabilities

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