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ClickSys are a fast growing tech company founded in Sweden. We customize and drive user-generated and digital content in-store to create an engaging customer experience, and track and increase conversion. We work with solutions including Digital Signage, Selfie Mirror, Click & Collect, Social Media Walls, and more. We conceptualize forefront software and hardware to create bespoke solutions for each individual client. Our cloud-based software makes it possible to package all kinds of digital feeds into offline environments, customized for your brand. With our service desk partners, we can provide and install hardware or work with existing screens and rental solutions in all markets. We are always here as a full-service partner, from idea to actual installation, operation, and support.

Partnership Overview:

We are proud to be partners and work closely with Olapic. Our system is directly connected to the Olapic platform, both as an incoming stream and generated content and as an outgoing channel to be used in physical environments.



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Case Study: Clinique UK

Case Study: Matches Fashion

Video Case Study: Clicksys + Olapic for Bubbleroom

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