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Facebook’s Marketing Partner Ecosystem is designed to help advertisers see their best results, to supercharge marketing on Facebook and beyond, and move their business forward. Facebook Marketing Partners are painstakingly vetted not only for capability and expertise, but also for a solid track record of success, giving advertisers the confidence to move at the speed they want, knowing they’re working with a proven partner.  Only companies that meet Facebook’s highest standard for capability and performance earn the Facebook Marketing Partner badge, so brands know they’re the best. And every Partner is vetted for excellence by industry, country and 1 or more of 7 specialties including Ad Technology, Creative, Community Management, Small Business Solutions, Advanced Onboarding, Audience Data, and Measurement.

Partnership Overview.

Olapic is one of the earliest Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partners, with Creative Marketing badges within each program.  Olapic’s connected platform for user-generated,  influencer-generated, and brand-generated content helps brands publish authentic images across the Facebook platform to engage their audiences, as well as develop high-quality advertising creative – photos and videos –  at scale.


Video Creative with Olapic’s Short-form Video Solution.

Olapic takes a unique approach to video. Our short-form video solution breathes new life into existing creative, turning static images or long-form videos into short-form, mobile video that drives Facebook ad performance. Video production is traditionally more expensive, time-consuming, and resources intensive, but with Olapic, brands are able to produce high volumes of quality, on-brand videos, quickly and efficiently.  This allows you to:

  • Address more customers across previously underserved markets with relevant creative.
  • Produce video for any Facebook ad format, quickly and efficiently
  • Diversify video creative to minimize fatigue and increase performance.
  • Test, learn, and iterate to ensure creative optimization.


Image Creative with User-Generated Content.

User-generated content provides allows brands to curate high volumes of creative, at scale, in turn, providing another source of ad creative which helps boost awareness, increase click-through rates, and decrease acquisition costs with prospecting and retargeting ads across Facebook. Specifically, brands benefit from:

  • Diversifying ad creative and minimize fatigue without increasing product costs
  • Increased performance in prospecting and retargeting campaigns through the use of high-performing, authentic, and engaging creative.
  • A better understanding of the types of creative that work across channels by overlaying website impression and revenue analytics from Olapic with paid media analytics.


Dynamic Product Ads.

Olapic’s solution for Dynamic Product Ads offers a hands-off approach to updating product-specific creative.  As new images are collected, permissioned, and tagged to products, Olapic will automatically send the media in for incorporation into DPA.  From there, Facebook will automatically test and optimize the user-generated images that drive the highest conversion rate per product.



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