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Kantar Added Value

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Kantar Added Value is one of the founding partners of Kantar Consulting. We challenge our clients to build brands that shift categories and shape culture. We recognise that at a time when people are more interested in their lives than in the brands we are charged with marketing, we need to develop brands that deliver experiences and champion issues that people genuinely want to engage with. It’s how we add value.

Kantar Added Value’s consulting services include Portfolio Strategy & Segmentation, Category Strategy & Innovation, Brand Positioning, Human & Cultural Insight, Cultural Strategy, Brand Communications Optimisation and Brand Tracking.

Today Kantar Added Value operates globally from 11 locations in 9 countries, working with a broad spectrum of world-famous brands including Unilever, GSK, MasterCard, Nestlé, Vodafone, BMW, PepsiCo, AT&T, Diageo, Facebook, Mondelēz, Centrica, IHG, Tesco, Tiffany’s and EY.

Partnership Overview:

The Kantar Added Value and Olapic partnership has brought to life a new way in which the Olapic platform can be utilised. Introducing Social Watching: using user-generated visual content to build a tangible picture of a brand’s earned equity and the world around it.

Through semiotic analysis we can understand, quantify, cluster and analyse UGC content at scale which is collected by the Olapic platform, based on a defined set of relevant hashtags.

Using this approach, we have carried out two joint research projects looking at UGC in the context of the travel industry and the in-store retail environment. The results from these studies were presented at co-hosted events and are also available as white papers.



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