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Company Type:

Mobile Retail; In-store

Summary of Company:

The Mercaux mobile platform enables retailers to provide a digital in-store experience; delivering the speed, convenience, and personalization of online into the hands of sales associates and customers. Our signature apps for sales associates and customers seamlessly connect them with the retailer’s product information and content, increasing engagement and sales. The platform provides full access to inventory (online and off), product catalogue, recommendations, alternatives, and marketing content. It is able to send emails and process payments. Mercaux uses Machine Learning and empowers HQ staff to manage the app content and measure in-store analytics. Mercaux is flexible and modular which means a client can scale the functionality and start using the platform within two to three weeks. Trusted by the companies like KIKO Milano, L.K. Bennett and Benetton, Mercaux brings sales uplift of up to 14%, increases customer engagement & conversion and streamlines retail operations.

Partnership Overview:

The UGC gathered directly from a brand’s fan base and curated by Olapic provides retailers with invaluable marketing content. The partnership between Olapic and Mercaux means retailers are able to bring these inspirational looks into their physical stores and into the hands of sales associates to increase customer engagement. We link seamlessly together via our API integration, resulting in quick implementation.



Case Study: L.K. Bennett
Case Study: United Colors of Benetton

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