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Oven Bits

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Oven Bits in an interactive agency specializing in multi-device design and development for iOS (iPhone, iPad) Android (phones and tablets), and Responsive Web. We like to say that, “We bake up piping hot user experiences.” The ability to deliver a consistent and enjoyable experience to your customers (internal or external) regardless of device can be the difference between failure and success for businesses.

Oven Bits has developed some of most widely used Apps in the world for some of the greatest brands in the world including: Vogue, NYX Cosmetics, Epicurious, L’Oreal Paris, Urban Decay,, Frito-Lay and more. 20+ of our Apps have been featured by the App Store and Google Play with Apps such as Over hitting #1 in the entire App Store.

Oven Bits delivers results in a mobile first, multi-device world.

Partnership Overview:

We live in a mobile and social first world which some would say creates a complicated challenge for brands. However, the partnership between Olapic and Oven Bits makes this challenge an opportunity. Oven Bits is able to leverage the Olapic platform and APIs to create unique and engaging experiences across mobile and web technologies. These experiences fuse the user and the brand in a closer relationship that has a proven ROI.

Oven Bits and Olapic have been collaborating with great brands such as L’Oréal to craft unique and engaging experiences for over 3 years. The ability to leverage Olapic APIs to craft a brand new consumer experience has never been more achievable than with the Oven Bits partnership. Let your imagination be the limit to what’s possible with social and mobile. Form personalized content experiences to shoppable content, Oven Bits can help take your Olapic content to new places.



Oven Bits Featured Work

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