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Content Marketing

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Percolate is The System of Record for Marketing®. It is the first and only system that lets marketers plan, create, and execute all their marketing in a single place. Founded in 2011, Percolate has offices in NYC (HQ), SF, Miami, and London. Percolate provides the world’s most complex marketing organizations the visibility, coordination, and governance they need to successfully execute their marketing strategy. Over 800 brands including GE, Unilever, Mastercard, Marriott, Levi’s, Cisco, and Cigna trust Percolate to drive brand and revenue growth. By unlocking efficiencies in the campaign planning and content marketing process, Percolate lets marketers focus on the creative and strategic work of building their brand and growing their business. Its best-in-class marketing calendar empowers brands to do efficient omnichannel planning in a single place. Percolate’s collaboration tools eliminate the need for meetings and email traffic: standardized briefs prevent the production of off-brand creative, and an Asset Manager helps marketers easily find and repurpose photos, video, and other assets.

Partnership Overview:

Percolate’s partnership with Olapic provides marketers with a broader library of visual assets to use across their marketing campaigns. The integration makes a brand’s rights-approved, user-generated images that have been collected, curated, and tagged to product or property through Olapic, searchable and accessible within the Percolate asset manager. This not only allows marketers to diversify the content they deploy across channels, creating more relevant consumer experiences, but also makes their asset management and content marketing process more efficient.



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