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Salesforce Social Studio

Company Type:

Social Media Marketing

Summary of Company:

Salesforce Social Studio, part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, enables brands to listen, engage, and publish — and unite marketing with sales and service over popular channels.  Using powerful social media marketing tools, brands can:

  • Analyze conversations from nearly any source to see what your fans and industry are saying.
  • Respond to social posts, manage your community, and provide customer support
  • Create and approve content for multiple social networks and accounts.
  • See live displays of social and marketing activity with the Marketing Command Center

Partnership Overview:

Olapic’s app for Social Studio enables marketers to browse their library of curated, rights-approved user-generated images from their Olapic Media Library and publish them across their social channels, without leaving the Social Studio platform.

Intended to streamline content management and activation for marketers, the integration with Social Studio helps to easily manage content across internal teams, amplify consumer-generated content across more marketing channels, and compose more engaging social messages with content that your consumers are used to seeing in their social feeds.

This partnership also addresses a common challenge facing marketer today – a lack of diverse imagery that can be tailored for a specific message.  Whether looking for an image that highlights a particular product or a relevant lifestyle photo, marketers have access to a broader library of photos that have already been vetted as high-quality and on-brand.



Salesforce Social Studio + Olapic Overview
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