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6 Tips for High-Performing Facebook Travel Ads

From mouth-watering food albums to poolside selfies, Facebook users love sharing their travel adventures online. In fact, people often use their friends’ posts as a source of inspiration for their own travel plans. And now with Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel, marketers can contribute to that inspiration better than ever before… that is, if they know how to make ads that stand out. To create Facebook Ads that truly embody #TravelGoals, check out our tips below:

Identify What Makes You Different

When you strip away your logo and brand name, your travel creative may very well look the same as the competition. Whether your brand is a hotel with a gorgeous marquee pool, or an airline with comfortable seats and signature meals, do your best to promote these differences in your ads. By pairing these unique assets with the type of visuals your customers crave (sunsets, palm trees, etc.), you can develop an impactful adset guaranteed to inspire your customers’ wanderlust.

Embrace Existing Content

Established travel brands are posting several times per day across relevant social channels, often sharing high-quality visual assets. While some of these photos may not resonate with your audience, those that do should be repurposed and tested on multiple channels using varying copy and unique CTAs. Revisiting what worked for your brand in the past can help you optimize your visual marketing strategy for the future.

Target Your Audience Selection

There’s no one-size fits all solution when it comes to travel marketing. From family travel to destination weddings and more, it can be difficult to create an ad that appeals to everyone. Luckily, Facebook’s targeting options ensure that brands can reach out to specific subsets of their customer-base affordably, and with relevant content (even assets that are created by the customers themselves). Plus, use the engagement metrics from your targeted posts as a way to reach even more people like them—known on Facebook as “Lookalike Audiences.”

Use Emerging Ad Formats

While a single, branded image may seem like the obvious choice, try showcasing your brand’s story with a Carousel Ad featuring user-generated content. A Carousel Ad can include up to 10 images—allowing you to feature different calls-to-action and test which resonates best with your audience.

Through targeted audience selection, you can use Carousel Ads to promote images from your brand advocates whether the image depicts smiling travelers taking selfies, happy couples honeymooning at the hotel, and more. Not only do these ads provide a more interactive experience, they have a 30%-50% lower cost of conversion and a 20%-30% lower cost-per-click.

Activate Dynamic Ads for Travel

Dynamic Ads for Travel is a powerful tool that allows travel marketers to retarget Facebook users who’ve visited their sites with specific parameters like check-in/out dates, flight routes, and even potential travel destinations they may be considering. Or, you can organize your ads with exclusions, such as restricting the ads for users who’ve already booked, or whose travel dates have passed. Plus, these hyper-specific ads are a great opportunity to share real content from your audience with those who are considering planning similar trips.

Expand Your Reach

With 54 million images tagged #vacation, Instagram is an ideal network for travel marketers. Now, brands can take advantage of many of Facebook’s advertising options on Instagram. In fact, it’s the recommended setting when creating an ad. Use the same creative with your Instagram pages, or take the opportunity to test more user-generated content to see which performs more effectively.

As digitally-native travelers share their stories on social networks, Facebook Ads will allow your brand to meet them in their preferred environment. Plus, using ads that highlight real customer content will establish trust with your audience, and ultimately, improve ROI of your advertising efforts. Drop us a line to see how you can use earned content to optimize your marketing efforts on Facebook, Instagram, or any other channel.