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Adapt your marketing strategy for COVID-19 using video that scales.

During this time of unprecedented economic uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, brands are having the need to rethink marketing efforts. However, rather than stopping ad spend, marketers should refocus on key areas, take a bold approach in their creative, and find the best story and a strong voice to engage with customers.

It is a key moment in people’s lives; while change and uncertainty are the only constants, brands can show empathy, stability and keep their message in users’ hearts and minds.

Stay in the game.

While many brands have scaled back marketing efforts, we believe it is wise not to completely freeze digital marketing. Instead, use this time to pivot. Brands that are able to do so can benefit from taking this time to strategize and plan for the future, rather than putting the brakes on. This can turn into a great opportunity to grow your business’s online presence or increase online sales.

  • Ads on social media: Factoring in that people are spending more time online, plus many brands are scaling back ad budgets, means that clicks are relatively cheap. It is a low-risk time to A/B test and experiment on new channels, so if you’re not at it already, focus on engagement and awareness.
  • Email marketing: Personalized segmentation and a creative email campaign – including offers and animated GIFs to make them pop – can make a true difference with your audience’s consideration of your brand.
  • Optimize the bottom of the funnel: There is little you can do marketing-wise if your e-commerce’s flow is not optimized for the best user experience. Make sure you have amazing photos and videos of your products (our Dynamic Creative solution can produce up to 1000 product videos in 6 days or less), interesting category pages, offer upsells, and easy checkout.
Create thousands of videos dynamically, based on your actual products, real-time price points, and content needs.

Offer real value to your audience.

Whatever your vertical and budget, staying creative can help your business, both during times of crisis and in the slow return to normalcy.

  • Stay authentic to what your brand stands for.
  • Find the right story and tone.
  • Adopt a multichannel campaign: deliver the right message to people where they are and when they are most receptive.

Adapt creative to the times.

Social distancing and shelter-in-place orders mean that it’s difficult to shoot and develop new creative. We bet you are already thinking of ways to repurpose existing creative assets. At a time when studios are not accessible and agency budgets are scaled back, short-form video can be used to repurpose existing image and video assets into fresh creative. Solutions such as Olapic’s Short-Form Video enables you to create custom animations, HTML5 videos, branded templates, and more, allowing you to scale up video for social and email without the need for more resources.

Also, there are people out there eager and willing to create new content for you. We’re not just talking about influencers, but leveraging your “at home” community’s photos and videos from social media: the always effective user-generated content. Our platform enables you to collect and curate real customer photos and videos, using machine learning and human moderation. This means a fresh approach toward identifying a new point of view.

By generating all this engaging, revenue-lifting content to activate across channels – without losing brand equity – you will reach your consumers everywhere they are, all while saving you time, money, and resources associated with heavy-lift content creation.

If you have any questions, or would like to chat through any marketing recommendations or suggestions at this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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