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Youth Marketing Strategy Recap: the psychology and technology of social media

Building lasting connections with consumers in this fragmented, distracting world can be challenging – especially when it comes to Gen Zs and millennials who are notably more savvy and discerning than previous generations. Often cited as less receptive to traditional advertising, millennials and Gen Zs appreciate marketing featuring their favorite digital personalities. On October 2nd and 3rd, marketers came together at Youth Marketing Strategy in Brooklyn to share insights around building relationships with millennial and Gen Z audiences.


Dave Marcus, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Olapic, presented research around the psychology of following and sharing on social media, trends that are affecting the way brands and consumers connect with each other, and outlined recommendations for companies who want to reach, mobilize and empower their customers to tell their brand story.

Authenticity First

Maybe not so surprisingly, the main reason why people trust influencer endorsements is authenticity. For brands with a strong influencer strategy, having trusted champions on your side drives conversion – half of people have purchased or considered purchasing a product after seeing an influencers’ recommendation. For lifestyle verticals like fashion and food, influencer marketing is booming, 75% of millennials follow a fashion influencer on Instagram and today restaurants, clothing lines and products are even being developed and designed to be aesthetically pleasing on Instagram. Download our report, the Psychology of Following, to learn more.

When looking at the motivators behind sharing content on social media, Gen Xers and older millennials cited positive engagement as a reason for posting. It’s not just their own content either, they share branded content about as often as their own statuses or photos. Download our report, the Psychology of Sharing, to learn more.

Multiple Forces in Motion

As the purchase path has grown increasingly complex in recent years, consumers, especially youths, have become smarter, better and faster at finding products, services and brands they want to support. On top of that, factoring in industry shifts like GDPR and recent Instagram and Facebook API Graph updates, brands have to reconsider the way they build and maintain relationships with their customers. Today’s consumers have more control over the ways they engage with companies due to more protective data policies, but instead of looking at these developments as limitations, consider them the foundation for a stronger, mutually beneficial, brand-consumer dialog.

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