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Asia’s Evolving E-commerce Market

These days, modern consumers are demanding exceptionally more from brands than ever before. From personalized messaging and offers, to seeking authentic brands that align with their personalities and value-sets, consumers no longer have patience for disparate or irrelevant experiences. 

For marketers who are looking to expand globally, Asia-Pacific represents a region of particular interest and opportunity. Additionally, engaging and converting customers in Asia requires a nuanced approach as the market has unique regulatory and behavioural considerations.

To find out more about how to market to Asia-Pacific consumers, Olapic partnered with WBR to survey marketing leaders in the APAC region to learn what types of efforts are showcasing results in their marketing strategy.

  • 98% of brand leaders reported an uptick in user-generated content tagged to their brands over the last year
  • 85% of those surveyed believe that UGC will help consumers in the purchase experience by delivering trust

To pick up more insights and findings from our latest piece of research, download the eTail Asia Report now.

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