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Authentic Marketing a Retail Priority at Demandware XChange

Demandware Xchange 2016 is right around the corner and here at Olapic we’re excited to participate as an exhibitor in the LINK Partner Showcase and exchange fresh ideas about the future of retail and commerce. The conference is sure to be informative and inspiring and we’re keen to hear a variety of perspectives on how retailers are thinking outside of the box to drive more personalized and rewarding consumer commerce experiences using data, technology, and of course, content.

Many of our clients, too, are helping shape the conversation at Xchange 2016, discussing opportunities, challenges, and learnings in sessions covering topics ranging from building effective digital teams to the value of a well-designed mobile app. To get a preview into what’s top of mind for them – and how they are thinking about one of our favorite topics – authentic marketing – we posed two questions and synthesized their thoughts below.

What does “Authentic Marketing” mean to you?

DOGEARED’s Director of Content & Marketing, Giovanna Alfieri has certainly given the topic of authentic marketing some thought. She said, “Authentic marketing is tricky because ultimately there is always an end goal and that isn’t by nature, authentic; meaning, the plan has been written time and time again and the expectations remain the same. Nothing about what we’re doing these days differs tremendously from the marketing of the past, —it is simply ever-evolving. I feel as though the need for authenticity in our language transpired when one individual underlined that Millennials have an innate need to be transparently marketed to; —now it’s a buzzword that we’re all actively trying to achieve. Thereby, authentic marketing is remaining true to your brand and not proactively attempting to mimic others in the space; it is about identifying your voice, branding your brand, and ‘“doing’”. Buty doing that means leading by example and owning the campaigns you are pushing.”

Francesca Bardinelli, Online Merchandising Manager for Crocs offered the following definition: “Authentic marketing involves incorporating customer feedback around how they embrace your products, and blending that unique perspective into your brand.”

Julia Mavrodin, Director of Digital Marketing for Kiehl’s believes authentic marketing is founded on using insights to influence marketing content and strategy; insights from a variety of sources including “social media, search trends, customer feedback, on site analytics, as well as user testing and behaviors.”

What ecommerce and retail trend are you most looking forward to learning more about at Demandware Xchange this year?

Bardinelli (Crocs) is looking forward to hearing, first-hand, the real-world examples from forward thinking retailers, especially around “how data is being leveraged to drive fresh, innovative shopping experiences.”

Mavrodin (Kiehl’s) is honing in on content and consumers, looking to explore the “rise of customer-centric content marketing via user-generated photos and more customer-friendly copy.”

Alfieri (DOGEARED) is laser-focused on the “world of customer centric technologies that inspire and anticipate.” She is especially curious about “‘contextual shopping’ versus ‘personalization,’” how the universal consumer consumes content, and how websites are being modified in structure and content to guide the purchase path. She is looking forward to learning much more about how “the space is reacting to these needs, reducing friction, and optimizing conversion.”

We will be following these trends and more at next week’s conference. Be sure to check back with us throughout the show to learn how marketing leaders are embracing technology to engage their important consumer segments.

Attending Demandware? Stop by Olapic’s booth in the Partner Showcase. You can also catch our blog contributors’ breakout sessions. Join Julia Mavrodin and Giovanna Alfieri on Wednesday, April 6th at 1:15pm as they participate on the panel “Conscious Commerce: How Retailers are Doing Well By Doing Good,” and be sure to check out Francesca’s colleague Harvey Bierman Tuesday at 11am as he speaks on the panel “Designing a Scalable Digital Organization.”