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Beauty Works Embraces Consumers with Earned Content

Beauty Works, a luxury hair extension brand, had been looking to harness the power of social media to build its social community, become closer to those who advocate the brand, and ultimately drive digital commerce. So, with the help of Olapic, and two branded hashtags (#BeautyWorks and #ImWearingBW), Beauty Works began incentivizing customers to share their own “Beauty Works look” on social spaces. The brand then showcased the collected earned content on its website and social channels.

Beauty Works Website:

Beauty Works carosel

Beauty Works Social Networks:

Beauty Works SM

To obtain a customer perspective, we asked London-based hair stylist, Samantha Cusick, above, her thoughts on having her photography featured by Beauty Works – “It’s exciting that Beauty Works wanted to use my photos. It validates my work and makes me feel part of the marketing process of the brand. If I can inspire other consumers through my use of the product, that is something I’m very proud of.“

By liking, commenting, and sharing customer photography, Beauty Works is acknowledging customer product endorsements and creating further engagement with fans and their networks. This has simultaneously enhanced its social presence and created closer relations with current brand ambassadors.

Read the newly-released Beauty Works case study to learn the results of their recent visual marketing campaign, including a 1.5x higher conversion rate when engaging with UGC on the e-commerce site.