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Case Study: Aveda

Aveda, an Estee Lauder Company, is the leading botanical hair and skin care brand with professional authority. Inspired by Ayurveda, Aveda takes a holistic approach to beauty with rituals and products that harness pure flower and plant essences to help you look and feel beautiful. The brand, founded by a hairdresser, features professionally developed products that are used by 9,000 salons and spas worldwide. For 38 years Aveda has been a pioneer of environmental responsibility with a mission to care for the world we live in.


Aveda successfully collects high quality images, both of the styles that their consumers are achieving with their products, and a variety of product shots, giving them a range of imagery to utilize across their ecommerce site.

But they noticed a gap when it came to video. Short-form social video was not something they had the resource for internally, nor was it something scoped with their agency.

And while they wanted to be able to create a lot of high-quality video to use as ad creative and really engage their audiences, they were prohibited by the high costs associated with video and the long production times that limit them from being able to be agile, to test and learn and optimize their campaigns in an efficient manner.


Olapic introduced Content in Motion to the Aveda team, and they were intrigued by the promise of speed, scale, and quality. Content in Motion takes existing assets – basic product feed images, catalog shots, UGC, and even long form video, and breathes new life into them, transforming them into dynamic, short-form video.

The stars aligned because Facebook Creative Shop was also expanding upon new initiative, Create to Convert, to test the performance of still images vs. more dynamic, motion-based content in direct response campaigns. The creative framework is also built upon the concept of creating lightweight videos from existing still content. The test used four iterative videos that mapped to a strategic need.


  • +22
    lift in incremental sales


Aveda ran a conversion lift test on Facebook, measuring the incremental impact on purchases. It was set up as a three-cell test to not only test the impact of videos over stills, but also determine if certain types of videos work more effectively.

The campaign proved that even lightweight motion can have a significant impact on performance, driving a 22% incremental lift in sales. Specifically, Aveda learned that ad creative that incorporates educational messages influences conversions, and that the ability to produce short-form videos at scale and facilitate a test-and-learn approach is critical.

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