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Case Study: Brava Fabrics

Brava Fabrics is a Barcelona-based ecommerce company producing honest apparel with Mediterranean soul. Brava Fabrics offers printed shirts and accessories for men and women. Inspired by music, design, illustration, and culture, each product from Brava Fabrics is conceived as a piece of art. Whether for printing or dyeing, Brava Fabrics chooses colors, patterns, and images that tell something to the world and each garment is created from scratch, handcrafted in local ateliers. All of their products are designed with exclusive fabrics and manufactured locally respecting fair trade. Because they believe that a better world is possible.


Brava Fabrics was looking to measure the impact of video creative on campaign performance, specifically to determine if video drove more efficient conversions on Instagram Stories Ads than static images. They were seeking a solution to develop lightweight video assets quickly and easily, and then run an A/B test as part of their summer sale retargeting campaign.


Brava Fabrics partnered with Olapic and leveraged their Content in Motion solution to easily transform existing creative into mobile-optimized video. Olapic designers created branded, vertical templates with unique animations and modifiable elements that also showcased the bright and colorful Brava Fabrics brand. Through the Content in Motion platform, the Brava Fabrics team was able to swap out images and copy to create four versions of campaign videos featuring different products in a matter of minutes.


  • 13
    lower cost per conversion
  • 25
    lower cost per purchase
  • 25
    lower cost per impression
  • 33
    increase in ROI


Overall, Brava Fabrics saw stronger campaign performance from the video creative. Not only did they achieve a more efficient add-to-cart conversion rate – their primary campaign objective, but their cost-per-purchase improved significantly too.

Furthermore, leveraging templates designed uniquely for them allowed them to version their creative in minutes without compromising brand quality.

" Olapic’s Content in Motion solution provided us a way to make awesome video creatives in a split second. And those creatives performed much better in advertising than static images and have become a valuable asset for scaling our campaigns. "

Ivan Monells


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