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Case Study: Elabelz

ELabelz is an online ecommerce fashion mall – aiming to be the largest in the Middle East. With full collections, global brands, local designers, and with a central focus on customer satisfaction, the brand is looking to reshape fashion shopping in the region.

With express shipping, fully dedicated customer support team, and a talented fashion team, ELabelz brings the latest in Men’s & Women’s Fashion, shoes, accessories, and more.



ELabelz is growing at a rapid pace with a catalog of more than 45,000 products and counting. In order to more effectively engage consumers and get more visibility on their products on site, they were eager to enhance their Facebook ads.

ELabelz decided to test the impact of short-form video creative against its traditionally used static imagery. Specifically, they were looking to measure app installs, as well as views of their products on site.


ELabelz partnered with Olapic to produce videos through its Content in Motion solution which transforms existing assets into high-quality video assets through the use of on-brand templates.

Following the Facebook Creative Shop Create to Convert framework, which is also built upon the concept of creating lightweight videos from existing still content, ELabelz had four iterative videos to test against their still creative.


  • 20
    more app installs vs. still creative
  • 14
    lower cost per install (CPI)
  • 9
    more product views on site
  • 3
    decrease in CPA

" The use of brand messaging in simplistic video content has generated better results for us as a business. In terms of performance metrics such as app installs and getting users to view more of our products, video content drove better upper funnel DR than static content. "

Arsalaan Shaikh

Digital Marketing Manager

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