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Case Study: Gate 1 Travel

Gate 1 Travel is an international tour operator providing escorted tours, independent travel, and custom vacation packages around the world. Their discount travel and tour packages provide exceptional value, saving their customers time and money, as well as live up to their ‘More of the World for Less’ motto. Gate 1 Travel has been an Olapic client since 2015.

The Challenge

Gate 1 had been collecting a low volume of valuable, visual content from their consumers and turned to Olapic for ideas on how to increase their fan engagement on social. They chose to launch a contest, using the hashtag #Gate1Contest and incentivized their fans with a reward. Utilizing email promotion, social media activation, and an internal contest, Gate 1 collected thousands of images in just over a month.

The Solution

Gate 1 needed a platform to sort the anticipated content they were going to receive. Using Olapic’s earned content platform and Photorank technology, Gate 1 was able to handle the large amount of content being received.

  • 2K
    increase in approved photos
  • 1.6K
    increase in collected photos
  • 100
    increase in total interactions

" Olapic allowed us to accelerate our collection and curation of high-quality earned content and utilized these images throughout our broader marketing efforts. "

Jesse Cobb

Marketing Coordinator, Gate 1 Travel

The Results

Gate 1 collected thousands of images in just over a month compared to the previous month. An enormous volume of content isn’t necessarily helpful if it isn’t the right content. Gate 1 used the Olapic platform and Photorank technology to assess which content was likely to perform, resulting in an increase of approved photos over the same analysis period.