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Case Study: IKEA.

IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, came to Olapic to deploy a user-generated content strategy to show a more accurate representation of its customers’ lifestyles and evoke market-relevance on a regional level. Jason Black, Web Communications Manager, UK & Ireland at IKEA, noted that they have already begun to gather insights based on this UGC to better understand how customers are using their products, whether its getting a sense of how frequently people actually update the textiles in their living rooms, or seeing new use cases for bookshelves that go beyond stacking books, the learnings have allowed IKEA to tailor future content and communications to be more relevant to real life. Watch the video to learn more!

The Challenge

Globally, IKEA produces over 200,000 content assets through their in-house production agency, but needed a cost-efficient way to source content that is market relevant at a regional level. They came to Olapic for a solution to sourcing organic content that’s shared by their customers in market.

The Solution

IKEA leverages Olapic’s Content Engine to source organic content and in turn develop customer insights on how their products are being used. Content Engine has given IKEA the ability to connect their product range to UGC to provide a seamless shopping experience. They have created a strong community on social called “IKEA At Mine” which calls for customers to share images of IKEA products in home. IKEA conducts a monthly round-up where they hand select UGC to feature on their UK Instagram, serving up imagery of products in real homes that support both the inspirational and commercial journey.

  • 27
    higher reach for UGC than owned organic social
  • 3.54
    higher conversion rate when a user interacts with UGC
  • 2.7
    higher engagement with UGC on the homepage than owned content
  • 8/10
    top-performing organic posts on social were UGC

" User-generated content works across all aspects of the customer journey – all the way from inspiration down to filtering to actually deciding to buy. The main benefit is being able to connect our product range to UGC to provide a seamless and fluid shopping experience, so [customers] move down the funnel more naturally and easily. "

Jason Black

Web Communications Manager, UK & Ireland at IKEA

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