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Case Study: L’Oreal Talent

L’Oréal is a powerhouse in the beauty industry, enabling self-expression through a set of high-quality products including makeup, cosmetics, haircare, and perfume. L’Oréal has a mission to help build confidence in consumers’ and to create products and experiences that fit their unique identities. The organization is based in France, operates across 36 international brands, and in 140 countries worldwide. L’Oréal’s Human Resources team manages more than 82,000 global employees. The HR department has been working with Olapic for over a year.


L’Oréal believes that transparency and authenticity are key tenets to building successful engagement and loyalty amongst its employee base. These principles are equally important in acquiring and nurturing new talent within the organization. Today, people crave authenticity in all facets of life, and this is especially true when determining a place to work. As a result, L’Oréal believes its own employees are the most capable and credible source for showcasing the company’s culture to prospective team members. With such passionate internal storytellers, equipped with smartphones and active social networks, L’Oréal was looking to identify ways to better empower employee-generated content, to demonstrate the varied personalities and lifestyles that fit within the company. By activating employee content strategically, L’Oréal wanted to tell a compelling story to attract talent seeking a similar employee experience.


L’Oréal’s HR team wanted to create a system that empowered employees to share their visual content, but that didn’t over-architect the message in a way that would reduce spontaneity and authenticity. The team has adopted the Olapic earned content platform to engage with employees that are sharing directly, as a way to curate useful content while also capitalizing on an opportunity to build greater loyalty with the engaged employee. Beginning with the corporate Instagram account, the team activates its employee-generated content across a variety of channels including on social, in a themed gallery on the careers website, across digital advertising, and on traditional channels such as print and campus boards. Earned content has  become part of the L’Oréal Talent brand DNA, and is recognized internally as the fuel that powers real, authentic marketing experiences for future talent.

  • 380
    increase in the amount of unique content creators contributing assets to #weareloreal
  • 2.1K
    rights-approved images collected in <1 year of implementation
  • 400
    increase in the amount of @mentions of the corporate account


Very quickly, the amount of content being shared to the designated hashtag #weareloreal far surpassed expectations. L’Oréal has worked with Olapic to curate the content, request rights, and then moderate it to ensure it is on-brand. Perhaps most importantly, Olapic has helped L’Oréal to develop organic experiences for employees, rather than perpetuating a transactional relationship that encourages a behavior in exchange for a reward. When the brand sends a note to thank an employee for support, the element of surprise creates a much stronger bond. Since the program began, engagement has nearly tripled on all official accounts.

" Olapic has helped us to activate and increase the tremendous amount of content being shared by our internal teams. Earned content has proved more than just a separate category of growth, rather, it has enhanced the rest of our communication programming across channels. We have seen the positive sentiment of our employees on social grow and far exceed expectations, and look forward to continuing to improve our performance moving forward! "

Carole Pasco-Domergue

Chief Marketing Officer for L’Oréal Global HR

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