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Case Study: Magnum Ice Cream

Magnum Ice Cream partnered with Olapic to create Facebook Ads with user-generated content collected from the hashtag, #MagnumLDN being promoted at the brand’s pop-up “Pleasure Store” in London. The top performing photos were consumer-generated, performed better than brand creative, and reached 67% of the target audience compared to only brand creative which only reached 44%.

The Challenge

Magnum partnered with Olapic to create Facebook Ads with User-Generated Content collected from the #MagnumLDN hashtag being used at the brand’s pop-up “Pleasure Store” in London. They specifically wanted to test the performance of the Olapic-powered UGC ads against an ad set using brand-created photos.

The Solution

Using Olapic’s PhotoRank™ algorithm, UGC photos collected were ranked, and consent to use the photos in advertising was requested from the original photographer using Olapic’s Rights Management solution. The photos then ran in Facebook Ad campaigns in A/B tests versus a set of brand-created images.

  • 67
    of the target audience reached with UGC. Compared to Brand Creative, which only reached 44% - under Unilever’s benchmark of 50-70%
  • 100
    the top three performing UGC ads followed the Facebook creative guidelines better than brand creative
  • 75
    of UGC outperformed brand creative across attitudinal brand metrics

" Consumer-generated images can perform better than our brand creative and can be considered a viable option for content assets to generate high engagement on site and drive repeat traffic. "

Zoe Eungblut

Global Senior Digital Brand Manager, Magnum