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Case Study: MeatEater.

MeatEater, Inc. is an outdoor lifestyle brand founded by renowned writer and TV personality Steven Rinella. Host of the Netflix show MeatEater and The MeatEater Podcast, Rinella has gained wide popularity with hunters and non-hunters alike through his passion for outdoor adventure and wild foods, as well as his strong commitment to conservation. Founded with the belief that a deeper understanding of the natural world enriches all of our lives, MeatEater, Inc. brings together leading influencers in the outdoor space to create premium content experiences and unique apparel and equipment.

The Challenge

MeatEater was planning the launch of Das Boat, their first official fishing series, which follows a 30-year-old aluminum boat as different anglers (people who fish); take turns fixing up the boat and taking it out on different bodies of water to see what they can find. Knowing that they had a highly engaged community of fellow MeatEaters, they realized a call for user-generated content could serve as a way to unite and further engage existing fans around the series’ concept, which centered on having a “crappy boat.” As an incentive for people to share photos of their own boats, MeatEater offered an exclusive keychain in return, but needed a way to both collect community content and data at scale so they could ship the merchandise.

The Solution

Olapic worked collaboratively with the MeatEater team to build and implement a custom uploader on the video series page in just 48 hours. The solution also included a carousel widget on the Das Boat show page on the MeatEater website that shows off the UGC they were collecting and inspires other members of the community to upload images of their boats. The team chose to use a custom uploader rather than a call for UGC on social media so that they could drive viewers to the website and capture data in order to send participants the keychain to serve as a badge of sorts, to reward first-to-market viewers.


The Das Boat UGC campaign helped MeatEater leverage the sticky nature of their community and rally around a new show in a new vertical. By focusing on the shared experience of owning and fixing up an old boat, MeatEater let their audience highlight the ethos of the show by sharing their own images in a way that drove interaction, engagement and connection.


images uploaded via widget


hour launch time

“We have a robust, incredibly engaged community who are truly passionate about sharing their experiences in the outdoors. Leveraging user-generated content as a way to launch Das Boat was a strategy we knew we wanted to pursue, and we felt confident it would produce strong results. By working with Olapic we were able to create new connections with our community and let them help us tell our story in a powerful, relatable way. UGC will definitely continue to play a role in future MeatEater campaigns.”

Tracy Crane, Chief Marketing Officer, MeatEater, Inc.
Tracy Crane, Chief Marketing Officer, MeatEater, Inc.

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