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Case Study: Medela.

Medela provides technologically advanced, superior-quality breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories to nursing mothers around the world. Medela is modernizing the way women approach breastfeeding and guiding them through their journey with tips and a community-driven experience. Medela employs a two-pronged approach to marketing with video: leveraging it both as a branded touchpoint to build awareness among their target audience of prenatal mothers, as well as an opportunity to capture the attention of their target audience with messaging to influence their shopping journey.

The Challenge

Medela came to Olapic to make short-form, informative videos that communicate the benefits of their programs – faster. Prior to working with Olapic, Medela had two options: rely on an internal design team with long turnaround times and limited video production capabilities, or outsource video needs to an agency, which was expensive and time-consuming, slowing down their fast-paced approach to social. The team also faced high costs upfront just to generate a concept for a video. With such a slow and expensive video creation process, Medela had no room to run A/B tests to prove what copy and imagery resonated most with their audience.

The Solution

Medela leverages Olapic’s short-form video solution to create, test and deploy videos quickly across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (with both paid and organic approaches) with plans to integrate video onto Amazon retailer pages and into web product descriptions. Medela uses Olapic’s video templates as a tool to quickly set up A/B tests to pinpoint the efficacy of imagery, messaging and benefit statements among their audience, helping them understand which content drives the highest engagement and conversion rates. Using the best performing creative from the social A/B tests, Medela also runs YouTube retargeting with that messaging. Additionally, Medela regularly uses user-generated content in their videos, as it shows off a realistic portrayal of the journey to being a mother while showing off diversity. From an organic social perspective, Medela has seen engagement rates and positive feedback increase when using UGC over studio shot imagery.

The Results

Medela has seen valuable cost and time savings by building short-form video with Olapic templates rather than producing video in-house or via an agency. Now that they have a tool that allows them to create and test videos, quickly, at a much lower cost, and with autonomy, they’ve been able to completely change their approach to video. In a shorter timeframe than it typically took to outsource video creation to an agency, Medela was able to create videos with Olapic’s short-form video solution, run four consecutive A/B tests and update creative based on insights from the tests. The results of A/B tests have also helped the Medela team understand where specific content and messaging belongs in the purchase funnel, allowing them to strategically place videos in the right place. One particular test determined it was significantly more efficient to use “free sample” messaging than other options, setting Medela up to drive significantly higher conversions at a lower CPA; the promotional messaging was critical to the campaign’s success. 

“Olapic is a great content resource to supplement our longer form video content and create benefit callouts, to hit on our product benefits a little easier in that templated format. We’ve been able to use Olapic’s short-form video solution as a tool to gather learnings in a way that we couldn’t before [when] working with an agency.”

Danielle Murray, Digital Communications Specialist, Medela
Danielle Murray, Digital Communications Specialist, Medela
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