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Case Study: Meu Móvel de Madeira

Meu Móvel de Madeira is a Brazilian-based sustainable home furnishings brand which was started in 2006. The company designs products that help consumers create personal living spaces that are functional and align with their unique personalities and lifestyles

The Challenge

Meu Móvel de Madeira believed that user-generated content could help showcase consumers’ usage of its products in-home. Additionally, the brand wanted to feature UGC on its site to increase conversions and separate the experience from growing competition. Meu Móvel de Madeira’s customers were already organically posting a large volume of content and the brand needed a way to curate and activate it.  

The Solution

Meu Móvel de Madeira partnered with Olapic in order to efficiently collect, moderate, and permission user-generated content in a Media Library. From there, the brand activated the content in a gallery on-site, within product detail pages, email campaigns, and even through Olapic’s shoppable Instagram tool, Tapshop.

  • 17
    of total revenue engaged with Olapic
  • 1.8
    conversion rate increase
  • 43
    of products have photos (100s of SKUs)

" Meu Móvel de Madeira is a 100% digital business that delivers a 100% personal experience to its customers. Olapic enables us to constantly inspire our audience so everyone’s home is their favorite place in the world. "

Ronald Heinrichs

Chief Culture Creativity & Owner, Meu Móvel de Madeira

The Results

After implementing Olapic’s earned content platform, Meu Móvel de Madeira has experienced an increase in conversions, revenue, and product coverage. The brand especially loves Olapic’s rights management tool as it receives incredible responses from their customers who can’t wait to be featured on their site. Olapic’s Ambassador feature uncovered over one hundred Meu Móvel de Madeira brand ambassadors who continue to produce content for the brand and inspire Meu Móvel de Madeira online shoppers.

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