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Case Study: MSC Cruises


MSC Cruises is the world’s largest privately-owned cruise line and brand market leader in Europe and South America. The MSC Cruises’ ships sail year-round in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean but there are seasonal itineraries in Northern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, South Africa, China and the United Arab Emirates. The brand uses a Mediterranean elegance to create unique and unforgettable experiences for guests, combining discovery of culture and cuisines from around the world. MSC Cruises appreciates the beauty of the sea and translates it into a commitment to excellence in hospitality, professionalism, and a dedication to drive happiness and satisfaction for each and every guest.

The Challenge

MSC Cruises was planning a large Naming Ceremony event to name its new ship MSC Seaside in Miami (USA), where the brand is still relatively unknown. The intent of the event was to drive awareness and engagement at local level, as well as increase awareness with the brand’s usual consumers and target audiences. MSC Cruises had leveraged user-generated content in the past, but had never been able to showcase the collection of UGC in realtime.

The Solution

MSC Cruises partnered with Olapic to create a custom-branded live UGC slideshow for the event. In the days leading up to the event, Olapic’s moderation team worked to collect and curate the best content of the ship from the beginning of its trip in Trieste, Italy and along its 3-weeks Grand voyage to Miami. On the trip, there were guests and influencers aboard that took photos, hashtagging #MSCSeaside, for the moderation team to collect and curate the best content that reflected the guests’ experience. Not only that, but the campaign was heavily promoted so when the voyage docked in Miami for MSC Seaside Naming Ceremony, many bystanders, VIP guests, influencers, and media took photos, hashtagging them to the brand only to see their UGC appear on live streams at the event.

  • 3500
    Photos collected and moderated
  • 30
    Media Approval
The Results

The #MSCCruises hashtag and the respective UGC slideshow were promoted everywhere on the ship including at reception, behind the bar, in the main ceremony stage and on a major screen by the pool.

MSC Cruises considered this initiative a great success, having had more shared photos and social engagement than at any other previous event. The results and brand engagement surpassed expectations so much so that MSC Cruises is hoping to leverage user-generated content and influencer marketing campaigns at future ship events.

" We really enjoyed partnering with Olapic on this project. Their technology and knowledge of the space allowed us to inject authenticity into our event with a dynamic and engaging user-generated content campaign. Additionally Olapic’s moderation services were able to curate and organise a lot of relevant, on-brand content in a reduced timeframe. The results surpassed our expectations and lead to higher engagement and growth on our social channels. "

David Arcifa

Senior Corporate Media Manager, MSC Cruises

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