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Case Study: NH Hotel Group.

NH Hotel Group,  a multi-national hotel company headquartered in Madrid, operates over 400 hotels in 30 countries under multiple brands. The hotel chain kicked off its user-generated content (UGC) strategy in 2015 when Juan Andrés Milleiro, who was head of social media at the time, saw an opportunity to start leveraging UGC in place of stock photography. NH Hotel Group started a manual process of requesting rights to user imagery and incorporating it across channels. When they tested the engagement rate over stock photos, UGC outperformed brand imagery on every social platform. Milleiro then came to Olapic for help scaling their strategy with our UGC solution. Watch the video to learn more!

The Challenge

With over 400 hotels across 30 countries and marketing teams all over the world, Milleiro recognized that in order to stay innovative, NH Hotel Group needed to scale their UGC strategy. To do this, they enlisted in Olapic’s help, which turned out to be a collaborative, fruitful relationship. Since 2015, the partnership has expanded and now NH Hotel Group’s social team also leverages our short-form video solution to scale their video strategy for social. Hear directly from Adriana Ortiz Galbe, Global Head of Social Media, on how UGC and video help bring light to the guest experience at NH Hotel Group.

The Solution

NH Hotel Group leverages Olapic’s solutions for user-generated content and short-form video to scale their content efforts across multiple brands and several social media accounts and usernames. Prior to partnering with Olapic, their team was doing a lot of manual work and testing to prove the efficacy of UGC. Olapic’s UGC Solution helps NH Hotel Group with compliance of legal requests and pre-automated messages to do so at scale. Olapic’s short-form video solution has helped NH Hotel Group create hundreds of videos using templates, at a lower production cost helping them to drive thousands of views and achieve a lower CPM.

 “Olapic is like a guide for us across all of our potential challenges, and also inspires us, not only in our vertical – hospitality – but in retail and other activations that might open our minds and help us find other ways to do new things in this new reality.”

Juan Andrés Milleiro, B2C Brand Marketing Manager, NH Hotel Group
Juan Andrés Milleiro, B2C Brand Marketing Manager, NH Hotel Group
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