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Case Study: Shurtape Technologies

Shurtape Technologies is a leading manufacturer and marketer of adhesive tape and consumer home and office products with fifteen facilities all around the world. They serve numerous markets, including construction, packaging, automotive, arts and entertainment, graphic arts, DIY, home and office, and more. They’re proud of being a brand that emphasizes on cultivating long-term relationships based on impeccable customer support.

The Challenge

Shurtape Technologies was looking for a solution to keep up with the high-volume of video content needed to stand out and be effective on Social Media while working with limited video production capabilities. With the industry trend of short-form video being a must-have to win in the social space, and with social video growing rapidly over the past 5 years (and projected to continue to grow into the future), Shurtape Technologies needed to fill a major gap in their social content strategy with short-form, “snackable” video content that did not require additional production or editing from their visual services team.

They also were looking for options to create on-the-fly content to fill gaps and pivot as needed, again, without any additional production or editing needed.

The Solution

In order to quickly create engaging videos optimized for social platforms utilizing existing brand assets- Shurtape Technologies sought out Olapic’s short-form video solution which turns static assets into dynamic, short-form video through the use of custom, branded animated templates.

Since video production requires much more time and effort than static media -which they already had at their disposal-  Short-form video allowed them to tap into those already-existing photo assets and bring them to life in a new way that fits their social content video-first strategy.


increase in engagement rate vs not SFV campaigns.


increase in reach vs not SFV campaigns.


increase in Video View Rate vs. traditional social-optimized video content.


increase in Video Completion Rate vs. traditional social-optimized video content.


Olapic’s Short-form video solution played a critical role in Shurtape Technologies’ social media content strategy shift to video-first. Customers, influencers, and brand advocates most notably have expressed positive reactions to the templates they’ve created to showcase user and influencer-generated content. “It’s one thing to see a brand repost your DIY project, but when they see that we went an extra step to actually put their content into video format, they are always super excited,” said Catie Elder from Shurtape Technologies.

“Olapic’s Short-Form Video solution has been integral in filling a major gap in our social media content strategy by allowing us to quickly create engaging, short-form video content optimized for social media with little additional resources.

We have been able to dramatically extend the lifetime of existing photo (and even video) assets with Content in Motion’s custom templates, and have also been able to leverage these to bring UGC and customer reviews to life in an engaging way. Content in Motion has also helped us to quickly leverage new social platform formats, such as Instagram Stories, by easily being able to generate one video design in the multiple formats needed.”

Catie Elder
Social Media Manager, Shurtape Technologies
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