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Case Study: Simple® Skincare

Simple® Skincare is a complete range of facial skincare products that is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin. The Simple® brand understands that what gets left out is as important as what gets put in when it comes to gentle yet effective skincare. Simple® Skincare is a member of the Unilever family of brands and has been an Olapic client since 2014.

The Challenge

As Simple® Skincare continued its growth as a brand, it needed to discover innovative ways to build brand awareness and generate trial. Simple® Skincare noticed its target consumers were speaking a social and visual language, which valued authenticity over branded communication. It needed a partner that could help achieve its goals of increasing trial rates, market share, and demonstrating a comprehensive skincare regimen. User-generated content began to fill that content gap and bring a more relatable and authentic voice to Simple® Skincare’s brand marketing.

The Solution

Over the course of our partnership, Simple® Skincare has been able to leverage existing user-generated content assets as well as instill best practices to achieve a higher standard for newly-sourced content. By seeding out Micellar Cleansing Water to ambassadors and loyal consumers, Simple® Skincare was able to significantly increase quality and quantity of photos, setting high expectations from the very beginning. Simple® Skincare stressed the clear benefits of the Micellar Cleansing Water and was the most awarded skincare product in 2015.

Simple® Skincare also created a #SimpleContest requesting customers to show how they #TestTheWater. In this double entendre, Simple® Skincare wanted to both encourage consumers to test the product and figuratively test the water and try something new. Simple® Skincare wants Micellar Cleansing Water to be an integral part of consumers’ lifestyles and a key contributor to their well-being. Simple® Skincare generated over 2,400 photos from their #SimpleContest, has connected with consumers on a deeper level, and created strong brand engagement.

When Simple® Skincare initially launched, they had about 50 photos in their media library of organic content. After implementing Olapic’s best practices and setting the bar high, they obtained 600 photos. The quality of the photos transformed from basic product shots to rich, lifestyle imagery showcasing their product and its impact on consumers’ lives. These dynamic photos increased engagement onsite and can drive purchase intent on retailer sites.


  • 5.7
    increase of CTR to purchase when a customer engages with user-generated content at a Simple® Skincare retailer
  • 5
    photos browsed per session as customer engagement has increased on-site
  • 10
    increase of more content per product since Simple Skincare launched

" Consumers trust current users of a product more than something a brand may put forward through traditional assets…by sharing the [consumer photos] with [major retailers] more consumers are exposed to that content. "

Doug Straton

Vice-President - Digital, eCommerce/Omnichannel, Data at Unilever

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