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How to Drive Value Across the Customer Journey

Creating value across the customer journey isn’t just about the onsite experience.  It’s about the entire customer journey – from researching products to finding them available, from the homepage to the order confirmation page, from the site to the store, from post purchase to the next purchase, and all of the moments in between – and it’s no small task.  It requires a platform that can reach across every customer touchpoint, technologies that specialize in adding value at said touchpoints, and trustworthy partners to help connect all of the above.

This is why partners Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Olapic, TurnTo, Listrak, and LYONSCG recently came together to create an event atop one of America’s most iconic retailers that focus on just that: the entire customer journey.  Hosted at the flagship store of TurnTo client, Saks Fifth Avenue, the sponsors of this event didn’t come together by accident. They are all leading technology vendors and service providers committed to enabling their clients to create an optimal customer journey.

They don’t just work with their clients, they work together.

It’s no secret that today’s consumers are more influenced by other consumers than they are by marketers.  Numerous studies have shown this to be the case.  Olapic and TurnTo are both focused on the thoughtful collection and activation of customer content, Olapic through the careful curation of user-generated images and TurnTo through the direct email solicitation of ratings, reviews, images, videos, and questions and answers.  As Salesforce Commerce Cloud Technology partners, they work together, offering a direct integration between their two platforms so that when mutual clients want to collect consumer-created imagery through both methods, they can access the content in a central place and don’t have to clutter their product detail pages with multiple image sliders.

Both Olapic and TurnTo also integrate with Listrak who is also a Commerce Cloud Technology partner. A true omni-channel customer data platform, Listrak, allows brands and retailers to collect information and message their customers across the entire customer journey through email, mobile, social, onsite, offsite, and in-store channels.  This means that Listrak clients aren’t just limited to messaging their consumers with content created by marketing departments, they can message their consumers with authentic, consumer-generated content, making all touch points as personalized and relevant as possible.

All of these pieces are connected by Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Solution Partners like LYONSCG.  As Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Global Delivery Partner of the Year, LYONSCG has extensive experience with all of the partners hosting this event.  A true partner, LYONSCG doesn’t just execute the plan they are handed, they help craft the plan.  They employ business analysts to make sure that such technology integrations don’t just work, but that they deliver real, measurable value.

As a brand, it can be an overwhelming proposition to onboard and integrate all of the relevant technology impacting today’s business goals. As a technology provider, it’s our goal to make that as easy as possible through a connected ecosystem that not only helps you create frictionless commerce experiences for your customers, but also extends the value of each individual investment.

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