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Introducing the Creator Platform for Influencer Management

Olapic helped pioneer the earned content space, allowing brands to tap into user-generated content at scale. We recognized, early-on, the growing consumer demand toward more personalized brand experiences. Since our inception, we’ve helped brands influence over $1 billion in revenue and collect 368+ million images and videos.

While earned content often serves as the foundation for an authentic, modern approach to marketing, brands are now using it alongside another critical component: influencer marketing. According to eMarketer, 48% of polled marketers planned on increasing budget allocations to influencer marketing this year.

For all of its benefits, influencer marketing can quickly become complicated and costly. That’s why Olapic is excited to announce the Creator Platform, which applies our expertise in scalable content technology to help brands activate an intelligent influencer strategy. The Creator Platform centralizes your current influencer network, automates all associated logistics, and allows you access to thousands of new on-brand creators, at scale.

When executed properly, influencer campaigns can maximize your marketing efforts and save time for your entire team. Creators in our network have cultivated loyal followings through years of content focused on an engaging, unique aesthetic. As tastemakers, creators can introduce their audiences to new products they are using, places they are visiting, and activities they are participating in. This makes them a powerful partner for brands because they maintain steady, impressive engagement rates that can transfer to targeted products.

That said, not all influencers will make sense for your brand. The Creator Platform can help you optimize how you find new influencers, and organize your existing network using extensive profiles that track reach, site analytics, and performance ratings. Every aspect of your influencer campaigns can be managed in the platform to centralize your workflow with automated product logistics and historical tracking.

Specifically, influencer content can unlock:

  • Expanded brand awareness through influencer reach
  • New content for product launches, seasonal campaigns, or increased product coverage
  • Opportunities to inspire increased user-generated content

Read more about the Creator Platform here.

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