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DigitalRev’s “8 Things Street Photographers Encounter” Brings Levity to “High-Stakes” Pursuit (Video)

When it’s as easy as retrieving your smartphone to capture that perfect picture, we’re all potential street photographers. But the digital age has turned street photography into a more serious pursuit for some than for others. Think Humans of New York or even the Instagrammers using the platform as a veritable canvas for their particular form of expression.

The fine folks at DigitalRev recognize this street photography phenomenon and they also recognize its hazards. In the above video they’ve ticked off the “8 Things Street Photographers Encounter” and most of it ain’t pretty. Below is their list (with a bit of Blog commentary).

 1)   Uninspiring location (how to deal with a lifeless location).

2)   Street photography stage fright i.e. you’re embarrassed, shy and fearful to approach your street subjects.

3)   Subjects know your game  i.e. people are weary of you trying to snap them.

4)   You get a new A&*e orifice torn i.e. see #3.

5)   People stop what they’re doing i.e. your subject’s candor becomes a pose).

6)   The decisive moment never comes i.e. you have a setting but no good shot reveals itself.

7)   Worry about getting the shot i.e. don’t worry about one single shot! Keep shooting.

8)   Quick shot, bad exposure…this says it all, doesn’t it?

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