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Olapic Winter Client Awards 2017: The Results Are In!

At Olapic, we enable our clients to activate their user-generated, or earned, content across their marketing experiences and customer touch points. Last summer, we established our Olapic Client Awards in EMEA to showcase the most unique and innovative activations our customers were creating. In this, the second iteration of the awards, we received nine submissions, all of which were judged by our European Customer Advisory Board (CAB) and presented at our most recent event. To learn more about the winning brands and their unique activations, read on below.


Our first category presented was for the MOST ENGAGING EARNED CONTENT ACTIVATION. The requirements for this award were for a client to have driven the highest levels of social and customer engagement from a specific activation. This included the number of UGC collected for the campaign, level of engagement (likes, comments, and shares), and the overall reach of the campaign from a PR perspective.


British fashion retailer, AllSaints, was interested in creating an emotional connection between its customers and their leather biker jackets, while also driving engagement and sparking customer interest for this new collection.

To achieve this, the brand launched a user-generated content campaign, where it asked customers to share their photos showcasing the AllSaints biker jacket for the chance to be featured in the next #BikerPortraits campaign. The brand supported this activation with an internal soft launch three days prior to the public launch where it encouraged employees to upload their own photos of the product. #BikerPortraits was also supported by influencers including digital celebrities (200k+ followers), rising influencers (50-10k followers) and micro-influencers (10k and under followers) that ensured campaign reach at a global level.

  • Total UGC collected: 1,600+ photos
  • Total UGC published: 132 photos
  • 25.21% increase in leather jacket sales vs last year
  • 47.15% of #BikerPortraits gallery visits actually purchased an item
  • 67% of visitors returned to the site after interacting with the #BikerPortraits gallery


The second category of the evening encompassed brands competing for the BEST MULTICHANNEL EARNED CONTENT ACTIVATION of the year. This category was judged on the best-implemented activation of user experience across multiple channels including, but not limited to, website, social media, and offline channels – providing clear activation exposure and focus to users exposed to the brand during the campaign execution period.


Swedish fashion retailer, Monki, part of the H&M Group, wanted to encourage its customer community to share their style in order to drive styling inspiration among consumers and fill in the content gap across the brand’s large product range.

To do this, Monki created the evergreen hashtag, #Monkistyle and promoted it across many channels including: a dedicated tab in the top navigation of its website, in a carousel on the homepage, across its product detail pages, and on special dedicated pages. Additionally, the brand created a dedicated microsite to showcase each style of jeans, complemented by its own UGC and brand imagery. Monki also ensures the promotion of its hashtag across almost all marketing touchpoints such as email, social media, in-store, ambassador blogs, and in PR, constantly encouraging customers to share their #Monkistyle. More recently, Monki added Olapic’s Tapshop to its strategy, allowing customers to shop products directly from Instagram. The brand always supports the launch of each new product on its website by encouraging employees to take and share UGC ahead of the release, tagging their photos with the hashtag #monkiscouts.

  • UGC published on the website in the past year: 11,135
  • 44% product coverage with UGC
  • 4.8M interactions with UGC across their website
  • Steady growth in earned content volume creation


Our final category for the awards was MOST INNOVATIVE EARNED CONTENT ACTIVATION, which doesn’t need much explanation. These submissions were judged on unconventional and creative uses of earned content to further the client’s marketing initiatives.


Bubbleroom is a high-street fashion retailer in the Nordics that was looking for new ways to engage with consumers whilst increasing its number of UGC product coverage to showcase across multiple channels of communication.

While Bubbleroom was already following best practices to communicate its #BubbleroomStyle across its customer experience, the brand thought it was missing an opportunity to communicate and obtain photos at a crucial point in the path to purchase – the fitting rooms. In collaboration with ClickSys, Bubbleroom recently launched its first selfie mirror, located in one of the brand’s flagship stores in Sweden! The mirror, placed in dressing rooms, has an embedded camera, which takes a picture of the user when he or she looks into it. The picture is then uploaded directly to the Olapic platform, and the user is prompted to enter a phone number in order to receive the photo and a discount code eligible for immediate use.

Check out the selfie mirror in action in this video.

As an additional bonus award, the Olapic team voted internally for the BEST NEWCOMER. This was awarded to a client that launched within the past six months, followed Olapic’s best practices most effectively, showcased successful initial results, and whose team engaged and collaborated with Olapic in innovative ways.

We are pleased to announce that the Best Newcomer goes to luxury fashion retailer The brand was extremely involved in the implementation process, requested customised requirements that drove internal innovation for the Olapic implementation team, and launched its activation on time. To see more of the brand’s content, check out its Style Social for men and women.