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OlaView: Facebook F8 Raises the Stakes for Marketers

At Olapic, our team spends a great deal of time digging through industry publications, articles, and news to keep up with rapidly changing trends in marketing and technology. Both inside and outside of our industry, carving out time each day to consume insightful content has become table stakes. As a result, we thought it would be a fun and useful exercise to share some of the stories that stand out to us with our clients, colleagues, and readers.

And so, with that I’d like to introduce (drum roll please)…

OlaView, a bi-weekly roundup of the marketing stories that intrigue or inspire us, along with short perspectives from members of the Olapic marketing team. Hope you find it useful!

OlaView: April 15th, 2016

Who’s Laughing? The Death of Comedy in Advertising [AdAge]

The author of this piece, Sam Pond, bases the premise of the article on the realization that he has not laughed at a commercial in a very, very long time. When I thought about it, the same was true for myself. Certainly, there are more humor-driven ads created for big-ticket events like the Super Bowl, and with the advent of digital, there is a wealth of other content that is being used by brands in a humorous capacity. But Pond makes another realization that I hadn’t, perhaps the reason that humor has faded in advertising is that marketers have largely stopped focusing on the human experience. It’s an old comedy trope, highlighted by Amy Poehler when she said something to the effect of, “Live life on stage.” The idea being that life itself is funny, is sad, is angry, is happy. Advertisers and marketers, in the face of increased competition, may be trying too hard to please the masses, and losing site of what an engaging, and humorous story looks like: life.

I know, that’s a bit philosophical for a Friday. But the other reason this story struck me is that it ultimately comes back to the idea of authenticity, something we at Olapic are very keen on. Consumers are smart, informed, and expect more from brands. So if advertisers want to get their comedic groove back, they will need to embrace more authentic messaging, and tap into the lives of their consumers on a more impactful basis.

Bill Connolly, Director of Content Marketing, Olapic

From Phone to Store, the Entire Customer Experience is the Key [RetailDIVE]

Social media and mobile have become crucial channels in the retail sector – that much is a given. What’s less obvious, however, is the importance of how these channels co-exist with offline channels such as print and in-store. We agree that marketers need to consider the entire customer journey, regardless of channel, in order to realize maximum success. Today’s customers approach their own path to purchase holistically. How can retailers do the same?

Justin Berger, Director, Demand Gen & Marketing Ops, Olapic

The Newest Rainmaker at Publishers: E-Commerce Editors [Digiday]

More than just incorporating a “buy now” link within an article featuring a product, an increasing number of media outlets are trying their hand at commerce; hoping to turn readers into buyers. In fact, publications have introduced a new role to their roster, the ‘e-commerce editor,’ who must strike the tough balance of producing editorial content and commerce-driven content. This requires speaking to both one’s desire to read and the desire to purchase – which are often quite distinct.

Whether or not this will prove successful for the lion’s share of publications is to be determined, but one thing is certain: consumers crave relevant and authentic content experiences. Publishers that are able to create commerce content, while also managing to deliver added value and retain the trust and interest of readers will realize far more success in this new reality.

Meryl Serouya, Senior Director, Partner Marketing, Olapic

Everything Facebook Announced on the First Day of its F8 Developer Conference [QUARTZ]

There is a buzz in the air in Silicon Valley and it is the hum of excited developers flocking from around the world to be part of Facebook’s mammoth F8 developer conference. From all corners of the Internet, hopeful and enthusiastic tech executives await with baited breath to witness the unveiling of their future, everyone’s future, for the next 12 -36 months. With all the anticipation, F8 does not fail to deliver. Out of the gate on day one (of two), Facebook has furthered its Messenger platform by enabling commerce inside the app, rolled out a fantastical new virtual reality video camera called the Surround 360 that dazzles with 17 synchronized cameras that can shoot 8K video ready for uploading, offered new live video and Instant Article publishing tools to bolster the platform as a multimedia communication platform for all, and of course Quote Sharing, because no one’s feed is complete without a quote! It is exciting to think of how both consumers and businesses will use these new products and how Facebook continues to embed its existence in our daily life. They are quite good at creating necessities we did not realize we couldn’t live without.

Jocelyn Johnson, Global Lead, Press and Analyst Relations, Olapic

Facebook’s New Image-Recognition Technology Could Be a Data Windfall for Advertisers

Last week, Facebook unveiled its latest and greatest innovation: image-recognition. Although this technology was built to give blind people an audio-breakdown of the elements in a photo on their newsfeed and walls, it already has the potential to take on another life with advertisers and marketers. After all: “A Facebook photo is worth a thousand data points.” With Facebook’s newest service, Automatic Alternative Text, it can not only help blind people see a photo, it is also able to analyze images down to their component parts – giving advertisers a possibly rich new data source. While this technology isn’t currently being used to help marketers just yet, the potential data mine from this automation is endless. As Olapic’s co-founder, Luis Sanz, said: “Using this technology, Facebook can create additional audiences, particularly lookalike audiences, increasing their targeting capabilities, just by looking at your pictures.”

Rachel Brown, Marketing Coordinator, Olapic

Check back in a couple of weeks for the next OlaView, and have a wonderful weekend!

Image Source: / By: Evan Kirby

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