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Getting your brand on point for the 2020 holiday season with Short-Form Video.

Under normal circumstances, it’s challenging to predict, plan, and run your holiday marketing campaign. But based on the current situation, this year’s holiday shopping experience will surely be very different compared to previous years. 

How can your brand appeal to shoppers in a way that feels genuine and tasteful? Short-form, bite-size videos work best to reach customers and to drive engagement and traffic. They are a key avenue for brands to connect with their customers.

We’ve mentioned before about how short-form video is transforming digital marketing. This article focuses on helping you create a comprehensive short-form video campaign for the holiday season.

Start planning right away!

The holiday season formally begins at the end of November with Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and continues through the end of the year. 

However, as reported by different sources, shopping for this year’s holiday season will begin earlier than normal, with many consumers likely to focus on early promotions and register lower spending than usual. As a consequence, it is important to not only plan for a specific date, but for the entire final quarter of the year.

Create a full-funnel marketing approach.

Because customers require a different approach at every stage of the funnel (and therefore different messaging, content, etc.) it’s important to adjust marketing strategies accordingly. 

For your holiday campaign, we recommend a mix of top-of-funnel awareness and engagement ads that run earlier in September and October, to build anticipation and pique the audience’s interest. Consider using short-form video to reveal new offers each day or to build urgency as the shopping deadline approaches. 

As we move closer to the end of the year, bottom-of-funnel conversion based videos should run later on in November and December, ultimately turning consumers who’ve been receptive to your messaging into buying customers.

Establishing your brand with short-form videos, on both paid and social channels, makes a lasting impression, particularly when it speaks directly to your audience’s wants and needs.

Need some SFV inspiration ideas to get started?

UGC doesn’t only paint a clearer picture of who, when, and where your customers are, it also helps broaden your reach when you repurpose it in a multi-channel strategy. Consumers respond to implicit messaging while over irrelevant product-focused brand messages are filtered out. By creating stories and experiences through UGC, marketers are adding appeal and emotional impact into their campaigns in order to increase the relevance and engagement factor for their audience.

There’s never been a better time to start using user-generated content (UGC) to engage your customers and build trust with them. It fosters authentic and transparent relationships between a brand and its consumers.

Holiday inspiration templates.

Gift inspiration for stories: Get the most out of the vertical Stories with a split-screen creative (more information in less time). 

  • Highlight different products in a category (kitchen, bedroom, technology)
  • Show off your seasonal Best Sellers / Must-haves.
  • Give a 360 view of your product. Focus on the benefits and share customer reviews to help buyers add to the cart.

Gift inspiration for segmented audiences: Help your followers get the right gift for their loved ones! Use a template to create multiple creatives to target audiences with different gift ideas.

  • Showcase different options from a category. Share shopping guides, such as Gifts for Dad, Gifts for Science-Fiction Lovers, Gifts for the Home Baker.
  • Show 3 different presentations or colors.
  • Make it easier to find the perfect gift at different price points.
  • Give several options for different personalities.

Unbox seasonal products: Give your audience a rich, visual inspiration as they would see in a store window. Watching an unboxing can be as satisfying as opening a real gift! Encourage product discovery to drive sales both online and in-store.

Holiday countdown: Help your followers plan for the busiest shopping season of the year. Keep your feed animated and your community engaged with a countdown to the holidays!

  • Create a template to post new content and inspire your followers every day.
  • Uncover new products every day or week while maintaining design consistency.
  • Giveaways are a great way to boost brand awareness and drive exposure to your Holiday Campaign!

Seasonal Catalogue: Encourage product discovery and drive sales online and in stores this holiday shopping season. Give a sneak peek of your upcoming products!

Unwrapping gifts: Play with colors and simple ripping paper animation to uncover different layers of your message. Uncover images, customer reviews, or product benefits with compelling animation.

Custom animation ideas.

Our Custom animations are perfect when time is limited and you’re looking for one-off, high-touch assets while trying to avoid high-costs from external vendors. With custom animation, the sky is the limit in terms of animation style, so don’t be afraid to let Olapic add that festive cheer to your image assets.

Dynamic Creative.

Olapic’s Dynamic Creative solution seamlessly transforms your product catalog into thousands of dynamic, high-quality, and branded videos – helping you to win the swipe, scroll, and tap battle with unlimited opportunities to connect and retarget your consumers. You’ll get multiple output aspect ratios for each video concept, maintaining a consistent brand experience. Export your videos across all channels: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more!

Don’t forget about email marketing and HTML5 banners!

This year will be more important than ever to draw customers to your online store; email automation and HTML5 banners are one of the most effective marketing practices today. Make sure your message stands out from the crowd by using animated GIFs. These add an element of delight to a campaign that isn’t typically possible with static images.

Get all the information you can!

The more insights you have, the better and more informed decisions you can make. We’ve gathered some third-party reports to fully understand the scope of the 2020 holiday season. Make sure to bookmark this article, because we’ll keep updating these links for you!

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Feel free to get in touch with our team if you want to know more about strategies, our solutions, tools, and features.

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